Book to Go!: Shiite Vitality.

Book to Go!: Shiite Vitality.

Printed Book
Prof. Dr. Hamid Kasiri
ILogos, Wien.
Hamid Kasiri: Shiite Vitality. ILogos, Vienna, 2023, 87 p., ISBN 978-3-99149-061-6, (€09,50).

Why is Shia Islam in the

“Age of the Decline of Religions” Dynamic?

To answer this question, this study will briefly refer to its main reasons, such as:

  • The Religion of Islam.
  • The Plausible Belief System.
  • The Holy Quran.
  • The Prophet Muhammad (s).
  • The Authentic Transfer of Islam by the Infallible Imams (s).
  • The Efforts of Muslim Scholars.
  • The Fidelity of the Individual Muslims.
  • The Faithful Perception of Being.
  • The Shiite Sources of Knowledge.
  • Living under Supervision of a living Imam.