Imama & Wilaya

Imama & Wilaya

Printed Book
Prof. Dr. Hamid Kasiri
ILogos, Vienna.
ILogos, Vienna & Qum, 2023. (242 pp., €28)! ISBN 978-3-99149-136-1.

The Imamate is a foundation of the Islamic faith that must not be imitated. It should ideally be internalized by every believer through argumentation. The Imamate was the most authentic source of revelation both during the time of the Prophet (s) and after his demise. Imamate is a kind of mediation between God and the community. Just like the Prophets, the Imams are infallible both in their private lives and in their doctrinal decisions. Through the Imamate principle, the revelation of the Quran was interpreted. In particular, its hidden meaning, which the believers themselves cannot understand, was brought into the light.

1. Just as prophethood, the Imamate - as its completion - is to be ordained by God. It is only the task of a Prophet to bestow the blessings of the Imamate. That is why Prophet Muhammad (s), just like all prophets, determined his successorship and announced it to the people.

2. Just like the prophets, their successors are also supposed to be chosen by God. According to the Shiites, only on a person chosen by Prophet Muhammad (s) could the blessings of the Prophet (s) rest. Moreover, God Himself chose the Imam for the Imamate and communicated this to Prophet Muhammad (s) before his demise.

3. The Imamate is given to a person chosen by God.

4. The Imam as the successor of Prophet Muhammad (s) and the Imamate as the completion of his calling, are supposed to be sinless and infallible.