Schia Islam 14 (On the Horizon of the Word)

Schia Islam 14 (On the Horizon of the Word)

Printed Book
Prof. Dr. Hamid Kasiri
ILogos, Vienna.
Hamid Kasiri: Schia Islam 14 (On the Horizon of the Word). ILogos, Vien-na, 2021, 227 S. ISBN 978-3-903299-88-7

“On the Horizon of the Word” is a study that attempts to broaden the horizons of valued readers with regard to the Islamic understanding of revelation and to show them appropriate approaches to it. This is a study of understanding that encompasses further topics. This teaching of understanding also brings with it a practice of living in order:

  1. to arouse the highest non-violent hermeneutic interest in people,
  2. to make them aware of their own identity as "readers of the word",
  3. to show them to the wide Qur'anic horizon of revelation.

The Shiite religious system, based on the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet and the Imams, uses its spiritual-rational method to deal with these sources in such a way as to make these teachings accessible to human beings:

  1. Realized here and now and
  2. makes them applicable in people's lives.

That is why this contact is not the end, but only a beginning!

It aims to answer the question of what the Islamic understanding of revelation is. It therefore contains basic teachings about the Holy Quran. It also covers topics such as:

  • “revelation“,
  • “inspiration“,
  • "prophethood" and
  • "leadership",

 They are important for a better understanding of the Qur'anic revelation and enable its authentic interpretation.